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Collier County Lawsuit Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff

"Years ago, my 3 younger brothers and I were placed under a guardianship in Collier County, FL after our father's death. Three lawyers assisted our so-called "guardian" in misappropriating nearly a million dollars from our Pennsylvania irrevocable trust, ruined our father's estate valued between $3 and $4 million, cost us nearly $2 million from the life insurance our father had set up for us under a life insurance irrevocable trust and caused all 4 of us extreme emotional distress while we were minor children.

We have all the evidence, our mother has been prevented from getting it into evidence. They pulled all the public records and hid them when my mother wrote a petition to the court outlining the illegal things they did and included her evidence. Once I reached my majority I began putting together a Federal Complaint outlining the crimes of these attorneys.

I recently filed it in Federal Court. I went this route to insure that my evidence did not go "missing" and that the crimes became a matter of Public Record. One of the attorney's was married to the head judge (they use different last names) and another is currently running for Judge in Collier County. However, I'm concerned that they may try tactics to get our complaint dismissed. I researched the attorney married to the head judge and our case is not the first that she has been accused of corruption.

I'm only 19 and a sophomore at the University of Southern California. My two youngest brothers are still minors and my third brother just turned 18 and he is just starting his freshman
year at U.S.C. I wondered if you could read my complaint and offer me some advice. I have every bit of evidence and I laid much of it out in the complaint.

These lawyers broke laws left and right and it has all been covered up. I'm wondering how to expose these crimes to insure we receive a fair trial. I copied the case from Justia below and I have attached my complaint."

Best Regards,

Cailin Soloff

Soloff et al v. Roetzel And Andress et al

Plaintiff: Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff
Defendant: Roetzel And Andress, Cathy Reiman, Lorna Scharlachen and Tamara Nicola
Case Number: 2:2017cv00426
Filed: July 26, 2017
Court: Florida Middle District Court
Office: Ft. Myers Office
County: Collier
Presiding Judge: Sheri Polster Chappell
Referring Judge: Carol Mirando
Nature of Suit: Other Fraud
Cause of Action: 28:1332
Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff"

eMailed to Me by Party

DRAFT, Attached Complaint, Collier County Lawsuit Cailin Nicole Soloff and Dylan Michael Soloff

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July 26, 2017 Fourth District Appeal: Linda W. BOTTA, Bethany B. BOYD, Nancy D. COLACHICCO, Appellants v. CIKLIN, LUBITZ & O’CONNELL and BRIAN M. O’CONNELL, ESQ., individually.


Linda W. BOTTA, Bethany B. BOYD, Nancy D. COLACHICCO, Appellants,


CIKLIN, LUBITZ & O’CONNELL, a Partnership of Professional
Associations, and BRIAN M. O’CONNELL, ESQ., individually,

No. 4D17-379
July 26, 2017

Appeal of non-final order from the Circuit Court for the Seventeenth
Judicial Circuit, Broward County; Carlos A. Rodriguez, Judge; L.T. Case
No. CACE15019284AXXXCE.

Michael C. Sasso and Michael A. Sasso of Sasso & Sasso, Winter Park,
for appellants.

Brian M. O’Connell, Ashley Crispin Ackal, and Zachary Rothman of
Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell, West Palm Beach, for appellees.

"The appellant daughters appeal from the circuit court’s order denying
their amended motion to transfer the underlying actions from Broward
County to Seminole County based on forum non conveniens. The
daughters argue the court erred because their evidence showed that
Broward County was not a convenient forum while Seminole County was
the most convenient forum. We agree with the daughters’ argument. We
reverse and remand for transfer of all pending actions to Seminole County."

"The law firm, as the drafter of the 2002 POA, filed an action in Broward
County seeking a declaratory judgment that the 2002 POA was valid as
“freely and voluntarily executed” by the mother, with “the requisite
capacity” and “free from duress, coercion and undue influence.” The law
firm named all three daughters as defendants.

The law firm alleged that daughter Botta resided in Connecticut, daughter Boyd resided in Broward
County, and daughter Colachicco resided in Seminole County.

The law firm alleged that it named all three daughters as defendants to the action based on their “antagonistic and adverse interests.”

"However, by the time the law firm filed its lawsuit, the three daughters
had resolved their differences. Daughters Botta and Boyd then filed a
malpractice counterclaim/third-party complaint against the law firm and
the attorney who drafted the POAs. 
Botta and Boyd claimed to be intended third party beneficiaries of the law firm’s and the attorney’s services for their mother. According to Botta and Boyd, but for the law firm’s and the attorney’s drafting of the 2002 POA, they would have withheld their consent to certain expenditures if they retained the “veto” power of the 2000 POA, and the removal of the “veto” power in the 2002 POA was the proximate cause of losses to them.

The three daughters also united to file an amended motion to transfer
venue from Broward County to Seminole County. In their motion and
affidavits, they alleged the following. Daughters Boyd and Colachicco
reside in Seminole County, more than 200 miles from Broward County.
Daughter Botta resides in Brevard County, more than 135 miles from
Broward County. Round trip travel for all three daughters would require
several hours and would be extremely inconvenient. The mother resided
in Seminole County when she executed the 2002 POA. The mother’s
affairs were managed in Seminole County until she died. The mother’s
estate was in probate in Seminole County. Any property being probated
was in Seminole County. No connection existed to Broward County."

"As for daughters Botta’s and Boyd’s malpractice action against the law
firm and the attorney, the daughters argued that action accrued not where
the legal services were provided in Palm Beach County,"


Brian O'Connell is one of a Gang of Co-Conspirating attorneys and Judges who put families against each other for their own financial gain, as far as I see it, because I can READ.

Brian O'Connell  and Ashley Crispin have a CLEAR Pattern and History and I believe a civil and criminal RICO and Racketeering Complaint will be NEXT up and include the whole GANG.

eMail me any tip you have about the law "practices" of Brian O'Connell
 and / or  Ashley Crispin of CIKLIN, LUBITZ & O’CONNELL

South Florida Probate Court, 4th D.C.A, Florida Guardianship, Ted Bernstein, Attorney Alan Rose, Judge Marin Colin, Judge John Philips, Florida Corruption, Florida Predatory Guardianship, 

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Florida's Guardianship Program is beyond SICK, it is a Horrific Human Rights Massacre. YOU have no RIGHTS under Florida's Predatory Guardianship Program

LOVE YOUR FAMILY? Stay Away from Florida.

"Florida Judge Sued for Marital Alienation by Forlorn Wife

Elizabeth Cunningham lives just 25 minutes from her husband David Napier Cunningham in Pensacola,Florida but she’s not allowed to spend time with him.

In fact, Ms. Cunningham hasn’t seen her 65 year old husband in nearly three years because she was restricted from setting foot inside the assisted living facility where the former commercial real estate developer now resides. Ms. Cunningham blames her husband’s guardian, a CPA who sued her for legal fees and won. Last week, Ms. Cunningham countersued in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division after the Honorable Family Law Judge Darlene Dickey reportedly issued ex-parte stay away orders denying the forlorn wife not only contact with her husband but also face to face visits. “Even criminals in prison are allowed conjugal visits with their wives but because Mr. Cunningham is a ward of the state of Florida, he has no such right and neither does Elizabeth,” said Dr. Sam Sugar, founder of the Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianships (AAAPG) in Florida.

Ms. Cunningham is among a rising number of Americans seeking relief in federal courts nationwide from state guardianship-related proceedings that are alienating them from their loved ones. Other federal alienation suits include Bush v Goodall in Pennsylvania.

In most states, it is not uncommon for senior citizens, deemed incapacitated by a probate court,judge to lose their individual rights around residence, visitation, medical care, assets and property once they become a Ward of the state. However under federal law, experts claim that alienation of any kind, including spousal, parental and familial, is unconstitutional.

According to Ms. Cunningham’s federal suit, Judge Dickey’s stay away order was based on hearsay from the Guardian whom she claims has a financial interest in Mr. Cunningham’s inheritance, portfolio of shopping centers and land situated in Cherokee County, Georgia.

“I miss my husband,” said Ms. Cunningham. “Judge Dickey knew or should have known that this hearsay was false and fraudulent but instead she acted against my due process rights and my husband’s rights under the 5th and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Whether it’s husband, wife, sibling, uncle, aunt or parent, some 90% of family members report that the judge in their guardianship proceedings did not act in the best interest of the elderly, 80% suspected the judge was improperly influenced and 70% felt the retirement home did not act in their parent’s best interests, according to an AAAPG study. Ms. Cunningham alleges that she was unduly influenced while under duress by an attorney to sign papers that would assign a professional guardian over her husband and his financial affairs.

“Under guardianship, my husband cannot vote, he is prohibited from driving a car and as a couple we cannot sell any of our properties without permission,” Ms. Cunningham said. “The Guardian receives all the proceeds of any sale of property that my husband acquired through his hard work over the years. How can this be legal?”

Critics of elder guardianship say it’s historical.

“Probate courts in America have a sordid history,” said Dr. Sugar. “They were the primary mechanism for dealing with legal issues in the slave trade of African-Americans until slavery was abolished in 1865. These equity courts committed and continue to commit egregious abuse against the most vulnerable in society.”

In 2017, however, court appointed guardianships do not discriminate based on race.

“My husband and I enjoyed our Pensacola home until this posse of court workers came into our lives,” said Ms. Cunningham.

Ms. Cunningham is seeking damages in excess of $7 million. She is representing herself."


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Eliot Bernstein 4th DCA Florida Cases IGNORED thus far. Where are the REAL Authorities that ACTUALLY want to Uphold the LAW? The JUDGES who Dismiss Call the Claims Meritless, meanwhile CORRUPTION is Rampant in the Florida Probate Courts

Eliot Bernstein has been Shouting the Truth from the Rooftops for YEARS. He has filed in all appropriate courts and yet Corruption has been IGNORED by Florida Judges and Authorities, WHY?

THEY CALL IT "meritless and improper pro se proceedings", sometimes they call the Pro Se litigant Vexatious.  You know when a Pro Se party EXPOSES Corruption that involves Judges and Attorneys, well the higher courts call it Meritless and IMPROPER, they BLOCK the Pro Se litigant EXPOSING CORRUPT JUDGES and for some reason don't dare EXPOSE the Rampant Fraud, Forgery, Murder, Insurance Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Real Estate Fraud, Probate Fraud, Civil Rights Violations and Predatory Guardianship that they CLEARLY KNOW, as there it is RIGHT THERE in the document they are dismissing as  "meritless and improper pro se proceedings".

Case No.FiledCase StyleCountyLower Tribunal CaseDisposed
15-384910/15/2015ELIOT BERNSTEIN v. ESTATE OF SIMON BERNSTEINPalm Beach502011CP00653XXXXSB, more11/30/2015
16-6401/06/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. TED BERNSTEIN, AS TRUSTEE.Palm Beach2014CP003698XXXXNB02/29/2016
16-22201/20/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. TED BERNSTEIN, AS TRUSTEE,Palm Beach2014CP003698XXXXNB, more04/27/2017
16-144905/03/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. OPPENHEIMER TRUST CO. OFPalm Beach2014CP002815XXXXNB11/29/2016
16-147605/05/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. OPPENHEIMER TRUST CO. OFPalm Beach2014CP002815XXXXNB11/29/2016
16-147805/05/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. TED BERNSTEIN, AS TRUSTEE,Palm Beach2014CP003698XXXXNB11/29/2016
16-224907/05/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. OPPENHEIMER TRUST CO. OFPalm Beach2014CP002815XXXXNB01/11/2017
16-316209/16/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. WILLIAM E. STANSBURY, et al.Palm Beach502012CA013933XXXXMB10/28/2016
16-412012/06/2016ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. WILLIAM E. STANSBURY,Palm Beach502012CA013933XXXXMB01/05/2017
17-160705/31/2017ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. ESTATE OF SIMON L BERNSTEIN,Palm Beach2012CP00439107/13/2017
17-160805/31/2017ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. ESTATE OF SIMON L. BERNSTEINPalm Beach2012CP004391 
17-193206/23/2017ELIOT IVAN BERNSTEIN v. TED BERNSTEIN, AS TRUSTEE,Palm Beach502014CP003698XXXXNB07/19/2017
Total Cases 13

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Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

"Our Mission Is…

To raise public awareness about rampant abuses in state guardianship systems throughout the United States. To advocate for those innocent Victims, potential victims and their families caught in the guardianship web.For our members as private citizens to engage in creating reforms in guardianship and drastically reduce the number of guardianships in the United States."

Check out this Amazing Website Exposing Predatory Guardianship

Jury’s $16,400,000 verdict award against Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin of Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell. “through the jury verdict, it appears the people of south Florida demand accountability from the lawyers (and guardians) appointed by the legal system to represent the interests, and protect the assets, of its incapacitated citizens.”

"Florida: Jury awards $16.4 Million against guardianship attorneys

"On Friday, July 28, 2017, a unanimous jury in the U. S. District Court, West Palm Beach Courthouse, awarded $16,400,000 to the Estate of Oliver Wilson Bivins, Sr., and against West Palm Beach guardianship attorneys, Brian O’Connell and Brian O’Connell of the Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell law firm. 

The hotly contested two-week jury trial was handled by BBLF partners Ron Denman, Chuck Bavol and Grant Kindrick.

The jury found that attorneys Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin had breached both their professional and fiduciary duties to Oliver Wilson Bivins, Sr., an incapacitated ward of the State of Florida. 

The complaint against Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin and their law firm, Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell, alleged that they engaged in actions that increased their own attorneys’ fees to the detriment of Mr. Bivins’ guardianship estate.

In the federal lawsuit filed by his son, Julian Bivins, in his capacity as personal representative of the Estate of Oliver Bivins, Sr., lawyers for the Estate argued during the trial that guardianship attorneys Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin, litigated to keep Mr. Bivins located in Florida and to prevent him from returning to his decades old home in Amarillo, Texas, in order to maintain control over the Florida guardianship so they could generate legal fees. 

Attorneys for the Estate argued that throughout the four-year guardianship, Brian O’Connell, Ashley Crispin and the Ciklin Lubitz & O’Connell law firm charged Mr. Bivins’ guardianship estate over $1,000,000 in legal fees while liquidating real estate assets at values detrimental to the estate and entered into self-serving agreements with third parties that failed to serve the best interests of the guardianship estate.

During the guardianship, the court record reflects that Mr. O’Connell and Ms. Crispin also filed lawsuits against both of Oliver Wilson Bivins Sr.’s children and funded the litigation through the substantial assets of their incapacitated father.

The jury’s $16,400,000 verdict award against Brian O’Connell and Ashley Crispin, for actions taken in connection with the guardianship, presided over in the guardianship court by Judge Martin Colin, marks yet another entry into the intrigue surrounding professional guardians in the Palm Beach County Guardianship and Probate Courts.

Based on this significant jury verdict and the ongoing investigative journalism in Southern Florida concerning professional guardianships, the need for reform of the guardianship system to protect Florida’s elderly citizens is again underscored.

After the verdict, the Estate’s lead counsel, Ron Denman, commented “through the jury verdict, it appears the people of south Florida demand accountability from the lawyers (and guardians) appointed by the legal system to represent the interests, and protect the assets, of its incapacitated citizens.”

Press Release from the
The Bleakley Bavol Law Firm
Tampa, FL


Sounds Like Pattern and Practice to Me. Racketeering perhaps? RICO?

Saturday, 29 July 2017

FBI puts full-time corruption squad in Palm Beach County

This article is Old, thing is the FBI did NOT clean up Florida Corruption. And WOW amazing comments, sure shows pattern and history with Brian O'Connell and Probate Corruption as well as predatory guardianship corruption.

Click Below To Read small article with LOTS of Comments, the Comments are the Best Part